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Message From Chairman


Education has to be taken to the masses; it needs to be rooted not in rote learning but in a dynamic new pedagogy that fosters innovation and the leadership mantra in each individual within the system. Flexibility and rapid adaptation to the needs of the day have to be its hallmark if we are to fulfill our vision of a ‘Shining India’. I truly believe that the priorities for our country are Health and Education. I am grateful that we are one of the providers of these priorities. I am forever an idealist. To me, the spirit of nation building has to be at the core of our motivation if we are to break the shackles of age-old beliefs and responses. A vibrant, corruption-free India can only be built by a generation that has learnt to cherish those values our country was known for. This vision is based on idealism. Our efforts are, we know, but a drop in the ocean. Yet, I also believe that every drop in the ocean counts and these efforts can come to a wonderful fruition. Confucius reminded us that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. We began with tiny steps, and look forward to this journey as an adventure in learning and creating. The way ahead can only get better.